Welcome to TCENet Web Application project

If you would like to contribute to this project please have a look at the pending issues, and help in fixing them.

The source code is managed using Subversion. The entire repository is available at https://dev.tce.edu/svn/tcenet. To checkout the HEAD revision of the development sources, use the URL https://dev.tce.edu/svn/tcenet/trunk.

For the impatient, the source code can be browsed using the Repository browser.


  1. TCENet Developer Guide : A guide to a TCENet developer.

Must read for developers

  1. TCENet Release procedure : How your changes get published and how the development cycle works.
  2. Patch submission guidelines : Guidelines to be followed in submitting a patch.
  3. Coding Standards in TCENet : Coding standards to be followed in TCENet development.
  4. Developing TCENet : How to be a part of the TCENet project and contribute code.
  5. Writing Log messages : Instructions to write Log messages while committing the changes to SVN
  1. Python style guide : Read this over and over and over. And once you know you've read it enough number of times, and you feel like puking, read it again.
  2. The Zen of Python : If you can't memorize that, don't bother stepping into PP-Lab for TCENet development.
  3. Mailing list guidelines : Guidelines followed in TCENet mailing lists.
  4. BootCampResources : Resources for new developers.

Issue tracking

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