TCE Enterprise Asset Management System is the software created for our college .This system is a Web Based Asset Management Software for the authorities of our college to use it as an asset information source. The main Objective of this software is designed to maximize the efficiency of tracking and maintaining assets over the college.


The following functions are inputed from the user,

  • Inserting Asset Details
  • Inserting Payment Details
  • Inserting Outpass Asset Details
  • Updating Moving Assets Details

The Following functions are details and reports of assets in TCE based on
various criterea

  • Viewing Costwise Asset Report
  • Viewing Condemned Assets Report
  • Viewing Disposed Assets Report
  • Viewing Warranty Period of Assets
  • Viewing Datewise Report
  • Viewing Labwise Report
  • Viewing Invoice-wise Asset Details
  • Viewing Stock Report
  • Viewing Pending Outpass Details
  • Viewing Maintanance Details of Assets

Barcode Generation is used to generate barcode for the asset.


This Software is designed under three tier architecture which includes Python as Server side Scripting language and Postgresql as a BackEnd and Cheetah Template as Front End.The Asset Entry Page is mainly for entering new asset details which will get into our college.Details which are needed for this Asset Entry are Name of the Asset and type of the asset and for which department and lab the asset is going to be purchased and vendor details and model information of that asset ,purchase mode either local or import,invoice information,purchase date,account details for that asset .After Entrying these details,we will generate two Id's.They are Invoice id and Asset Id.Invoice Id is based on invoice number provided on the bill and Asset Id is for assets.Barcode Generated page is used to take barcode of these Id's and these are to pasted in Stock Register for future references.Costwise Report Page is used to identify assets based on range of cost.Invoice details page is used to view the full details includes Invoice Id,Asset Id ,Warranty Details,head Of account details,Maintanance details of the particular asset by geting its Invoice Id.Stock Wise Report Page is for viewing Annual Stock Report for assets.As Payment Details are required,Payment Page is provided with the Asset Payment details.Based on various aspects, Reports like Customised Report,Condemned Asset Report,Warranty Details Report are developed.And also Asset can be moved from one department to another department ,that is maintained in Move Asset Page.Maintanance Details of Asset can be Updated anytime through Maintanance asset Page.Outpass Generation Page is provided to maintain outpassed assets.After making entry in this page,a Separate Letter will be generated and attested with authority and then get permitted to went out.