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Toggle_check Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
tcenet07/17/2012Guruprasad LDevelopmentBug #171: Error when admin tries to reset the password of the user without giving the useridClosed in admin-reset-password branch r5270.10
tcenet07/10/2012Guruprasad LDesignFeature #134: Enforcing strong Password strength for the LDAP usersBump0.00
tcenet07/10/2012Guruprasad LDevelopmentFeature #169: Allow administrator to specify the new password while resetting the password of userPatch for the feature attached0.25
Multiword tagging11/29/2011Karthick SeshadriDevelopmentFeature #159: word-tagging-implementation2.00
tcenet11/25/2010Someshwar B.C.DevelopmentBug #138: Error in Events calendar0.05
tcenet08/11/2009Balamurugan SDevelopmentBug #32: login.tmpl uses removed header.tmpl file, this causes exception when any redirection happens using context['login_url']Removed the javascript function0.50
tcenet08/11/2009Balamurugan SDevelopmentBug #82: TCENet home page not rendering properly in IE7Fixed the issue by changing the links position0.50
tcenet06/22/2009Balamurugan SDesignBug #83: Content overflowing out of the table when it is lengthier0.10
tcenet06/09/2009Balamurugan SDevelopmentBug #82: TCENet home page not rendering properly in IE7Fixed with help of IE Developer toolbar1.00


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